Samstag, 18. August 2012

Manifest Festival - in English please!

!!!Yesterday was awesome!!!

We played two gigs - a "normal" and a half-acoustic at Manifest Festival

The festival was in a small village nearby Dresden, but less then half of the people, as we thought, spoke german!
There were people from Poland, the Netherlands, Chile, Russia, Czech Republic, USA... some came with their whole family - a lot of little kids were jumping around. :)

And all these folks have worked together and made this event to something special!

As we arrived, the sun was shining and after the bandcontest inside the building (there were three stages), we opened the festival at the main stage outside.

The sound was great and the atmosphere ... yes! it was awesome.

The next band in the yard was "Kids with Guns". 
After or during their show our feeling, that this big party is a really cool one, was settled.
You have to watch their musicvideo: "Where to begin?", then you'll understand. ;)

But as we announced - we played two shows!
The second took place in the Vintage Café.

It was our first half-acoustic gig and we weren't so sure whether it would work or ... not. 
But our expectations were surpassed!

The Vintage Café was jam-full and the applause big.
The keyborder of "Kids with Guns" spontaneously helped with the sound-technic - at some moments we felt like playing in a big church. ;)
Thank you MAN!

We have to repeat it: it was AWESOME!

With big and proud smiling faces we drove home in the morning! 

: D : D : D  = Enna Johnson Ritchi

PS: We also gave an interview and the shows were filmed. Probably we can present them to you soon. 

PPS: At the whole festival alcohol was forbidden! Nobody sold it or brought it. 
Nevertheless - MUSIC IS A DRUG!!!

Band - Fotos: